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MITO Material Solutions has revolutionized nanoadditives with the invention of the MITO T-Series, a chemically processed nanoadditive, hybridizing graphene oxide and POSS that disperses reactively in resin systems at a 0.1%/Wt concentration. MITO’s products are non-toxic, safe to handle and are engineered to integrate into common industry manufacturing processes including vacuum infusion, prepregs, hand layup and spray. Now producing large scale batches, we’re seeking corporate partners to take part in early stage pilot engagements as we revolutionize fiber reinforced composite manufacturing.

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Superior toughness

With Resin Concentrated at 0.1%wt, We Have Seen Increases in Toughness Above 100% Within FRCs.

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Lightweighting Capabilities

Not Interested In Toughness? No Worries. With This Vast Increase In Toughness, You Can Lighten Products Up To 35%.

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Better Thermal Properties

The T-Series Increases The Glass Transition Temperature Of Your Resin Anywhere Between 7 To 12 Degrees Celsius

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the passion behind the product


Haley Marie Keith

Chief Executive Officer


Kevin Keith

Dir. of Product Eng.


Dr. Bhishma Sedai

Vice President of R&D


The Board Members


Tracy Poole

Investor & Legal Advisor


Mark Leigh

Sales & Market Advisor

Rich Diemer

Investor & Financial Advisor


Dr. Ranji Vaidyanathan

Inventor & Innovation Advisor


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