PROBLEM: With the increasing consumption of advanced composite materials, the world is heading into a new era of manufacturing and production - an era where parts are made lighter and cheaper with composite materials than conventional alloy based parts. There’s just one problem with composite parts: they can delaminate under either a high stress sudden impact, or to constant fatigue. Once delamination occurs, the part becomes useless therefore compromising the integrity of the whole product - whether it be wind turbine, marine, or aviation. That’s where MITO comes in.

SOLUTION: MITO Material Solutions has developed a nano-additive named the “MITO T-Series.” The T-Series is then mixed in with any epoxy at a 0.1% concentration which then toughens composite parts at while simultaneously decreasing the chances of delamination by a significant margin. This allows industries to pick which value they would like to have in their products: an increase in toughness, or a decrease of materials needed.

  • For the RV and boating industries, the T-Series can be used to toughen the fiberglass that makes the outer shell and hull of RVs and boats, respectively.

  • For the aerospace industry,  the T-Series can be used to decrease the amount of carbon fiber sheets and epoxy needed to create the part with the same toughness as before. This will allow aircraft manufacturers shed tens of thousands of pounds while simultaneously saving millions of dollars on day one.

Come join the force that’s taking the industry by storm by solving the industry’s biggest problems with nano sized solutions.